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Water Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Feed Water Chemicals:

RUB FLOCK 111 is used for Boiler Water softening and project the inner surfaces against calcium, magnesium and iron, which is commonly occur as waterborn impurities.

Product For Boiler Water Treatment

RUB FLOCK 111 Multifunctional Liquid Prevent Scale, Corrosion
Sludge Formation & Foaming
RUB FLOCK 211 Boiler Coagulant Boiler Water Sludge Conditioner
RUB FLOCK 311 Sp.High Hardness Treatment Hardness Control Liquid
RUB FLOCK 411 Oxygen Scavenger Liquid Dissolved Oxygen Remover
Use in High & Law Pressure Boiler
RUB FLOCK 511 Oxygen Scavenger Powder Catalysed, Sulphite Treatment
For rapid removal oxygen
RUB FLOCK 611 Alkaline Liquid For pH increases
RUB FLOCK 711 Actic Liquid For pH Reduces
RUB FLOCK 811 Condensate Protect Condensate System
RUB FLOCK 911 Silica Remover Silica Disprant
RUB FLOCK 911/A Carry Over Control Control Foaming and Carry over of Boiler

Application :

RUB FLOCK 111 is special blend of advanced chemicals designed for boiler feed water (Raw and Soft)

Product Used :

To Prevent:
Scale Formation
Sludge Accumulation

Product Data :

  • Appearance - Dark Brown Liquid
  • pH - 12 to 14
  • Solubility - Soluble in Water

Dosage :

The dosage of the chemical will be introduced by our technical personnel on the basis of feed water parameters and the system.

Packing :

RUB FLOCK 111 is supplied in HDPE carboys 35 - 5- 65 Kgs.

Handling & Storage :

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Water goggles and pvc gloves when handling. If eyes are affected they should be wash with fresh water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor immediately. Keep RUB FLOCK 111 away from Acids.

Our product reduces downtime & extends production & equipment life

Losses in boiler due to scale and corrosion as per ABMA

Thickness For Scale Increase in fuel Consumption due to scale
1/2 mm 2%
1 mm 4%
2 mm 6%
  • Loss of metal and alloys replacement cost
  • Loss of product, time and energy
  • Loss if manpower due to shut downs