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RUB FLOCK 110 - ( Non-Ionic PAM ) High Molecular Flocculent Water Treatment Chemicals [For Effluent Treatment Plants] - Polyelectrolyte

RUB FLOCK 110 is a high molecular weight flocculant of polyacrylamide type. It is used as clarification and filtration agent of river water, waste water and industrial water. It has wide application in process treatment of mining, metal & ceramics. Beside that it is good clarifying agent for waste water of textile, mining, pump & paper, steel, metal and chemicals

Chemical Structure :

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Physical Properties :

Ionic Type Non-Ionic
Appearance White
Bulk Density (g/ml) 0.5-0.8
Molecular weight Approx. 15 to 18 million
pH 7 (neutral)
Form Powder / Viscous Jelly
Solubility Totally soluble in water
Effective PH Range 3 to 11 (More effective at slightly alkaline)
Flash Point Above 90" C
Hydrolysis 20 to 30% (Approximately)
Dilution Fast Flock 60 should be diluted 200 to 300 times with water before application

Characteristic :

  • RUB FLOCK 110 shows good flocculation effects with a very little dosage. Effects are remarkable when pH of suspension shows neutral to alkaline.
  • Flocs formed by RUB FLOCK 110 are large and hard. Hence it gives very the clear suppernant water.
  • Flocculated sluged by RUB FLOCK 110 is dewateresed by certifugal decanter or a belt press. Excellent effects on filtring dehydration are obtained.
  • Because RUB FLOCK 110 is Viscous Jelly, it is eazy to handle and its storage stability is excellent.

Method Of Use :

  • Optimum dosage of RUB FLOCK 110 differs depending on the kind of suspension, concentration and pH. Therefore, it should be used after a preliminary lab testing. In general,1gm/ L against suspension is appropriate.
  • While preparing stock solution of RUB FLOCK 110 a 1% in Jelly form and 0.1% in powder form is appropriate before using 10 times improves treatment effects further.

Application :

  • Treatment of service water
    • Clarification and filtration of river water and industrial water.
    • Condensation and dehydration of sludge from industrial water treatment.
  • Process treatment
    • Chemical
      1. Sedimentation and condensation of magnesium hydroxide in manufacturing process of magnesium clinker (Mgo).
      2.Clarification of phosphoric acid solution.
    • Mining
      1. Sedimentation of slimes of copper, zinc, sulfides ores.
      2. Filtration of slimes and coal powder.
    • Oil
      1. Enhanced oil recovery.
    • Creamic
      1. Condensation, sedimentation of slurry in wet type cement manufacture.
  • Waste water treatment
    • Pulp and paper
      1. Recovery and clarification of white water, steel and metal
      2. Treatment of sewage containing blast furnace dust.
      3. Treatment of sewage from metal plating
      4. Treatment of sewage from acid cleaning of metals
    • Chemical
      1. Treatment of sewage from red oxide manufacture.
    • Textile
      1. Treatment of sewage from wool washing
      2. Treatment of sewage from dyeing
    • Mining
      1. Treatment of sewage from mining process
      2. Treatment of coal washing

Packing :

  • RUB FLOCK 110 (Jelly form) is supplied in 50/200 kgs. Polydrums.
  • RUB FLOCK 110 (powder form) is supplied in 25kg bag.