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PARA CRESYL PHENYL ACETATE [4 - Methylphenyl phenylacetate]

Physical And Chemical Properties :

Para Cresyl Phenyl Acetate Formula
Chemical Name 4-Methylphenyl Phenylacetate
Synonym p-Tolyl phenylacetate
CAS No 101-94-0
Formula C15H14O2
Molecular Weight 226.3
OLFACTIVE NOTE : Animalic, honey, floral, powerful
Description Para Cresyl Phenyl Acetate imparts a warm, animal-like background when used in jasmine, narcisse and jonquille compositions. It is very useful as a fixative and is more easy to use than many other p-cresol derivatives
Packing 5 Kg., 25 Kg., H.D.P.E. Bags with inner liner
Recommended applications Fine fragrance, beauty care, soap, laundry care,household
Recommended use level Traces - 10%
Set Point 75° C
Occurrence in nature Not reported as being found in nature
Appearance White crystals
Typical 99.55 %, GLC
Minimum 99%, GLC
Flash Point > 100C / > 212F
FEMA 3077
FDA 172.515