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R.O.Plant - Reverse Osmosis Plant Treatment Chemicals

R.O. Plant (reverse osmosis plant) is normally used for reduction of dissolved solids (TDS) from water, by using the membrane separation technology. It is most popular due to its low running cost, operational convenience and zero chemical pollution.

Membrane separation techniques including reverse osmosis for de-salination and purification of brackish and sea water for drinking and industrial use. This can also be used for a variety of specialized membrane applications for chemical recovery and waste water reclamation projects. These reverse osmosis plant can remove 90-98% of total dissolved salts.

RUB FLOCK 222 R.O Plant Anti Scalant Prevent Scale Formation on Membran Acitic
RUB FLOCK 333 R.O Plant Anti Scalant Alkline Sludge Disprant
RUB FLOCK 444 R.O Plant Desolant Instant Descaling
RUB FLOCK 555 R.O Plant Anti Biocide Prevent Microbiological Growth