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Aromatic Chemicals

YARA YARA - (Beta Naphthyl Methyl Ether)

Physical And Chemical Properties :

Chemical Name Beta Naphthyl Methyl Ether
Formula C11H10O
Molecular Weight 158.19
Appearance & Odour Yara Yara is white crystalline solid having floral odour suggestive of orange flavours free Naphthol by odour
Congealing Point Not less than 71.5° C or more than 73° C
Solubility in Alcohol 1 gm is soluble in 25 ml of 95 % Alcohol
Melting Point 72° C
Boiling Point 274° C
Beta Napthol Test Beta Napthol absent
Yara Yara content GLC Method About 99%
Beta Napthol Test Yara Yara powder is treated with 10% caustic soda solution and filtered. Filtered solution when acidified should be clear. If found milky, solution indicates Beta Napthol's presence