Cooling Water Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Chemicals

RUB FLOCK 101/201 is highly effective as scale and corrosion inhibitor in industrial water treatment. Our product is inhibits deposition of Ca/Mg salt and other low solubility salts. This product is work in wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature.

RUB FLOCK 101Multifunctional Chemical (ACI)Prevent Corrosion and Scale in cooling water systems
RUB LOCK 201Multifunctional Chemical (ALK)
RUB FLOCK 301Biocide (NON OX)Prevernt Microbiological Growth
RUB FLOCK 401Biocide (OX)which block's the systems
RUB FLOCK 501Cool CoolCooling System & Automobiles, D.G. Set
RUB FLOCK 601Corrosion ControlCorrosion Control in chilling Plant
RUB FLOCK 701pH ReducesAlka Control


Multifunctional cooling water chemicals for raw and soft water

Product Used

To Prevent:
For maintaining pH and Alkalinity

Product Data

  • Appearance - Clear Colourless to parel yellow liquid
  • pH - Acidic / Alkaline
  • Solubility - Soluble in water


The dosage of the chemical will be introduced by our technical personnel on the basis of feed water parameters and the system.


RUB FLOCK 101/102 is supplied in HDPE carboys 35-50-60-65 Kgs.

Handling & Storage

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Water goggles and pvc gloves when handling. If eyes are affected they should be wash with fresh water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor immediately. Keep RUB FLOCK 101/102 away from Acids.

Our product reduces downtime & extends production & equipment life

Losses in cooling system due to scale & corrosion

  • RUB FLOCK 200 is a stable polymer. However storage in ambient conditions is recommended opened containers are to be closed tight to prevent the loss of moisture present in it which may otherwise lead to increase in viscosity of the product.
  • Store in cool and dark place.

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