Liquid Cationic Polyamine Polymer

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RUB FLOCK 200 - ( Liquid Cationic Polyamine Polymer )

RUB FLOCK 200 is a color removal chemical. It is lower molecular weight organic coagulants. It forms insoluble matter with the coloring matter presents in the waste water especially from that of a textile mills, paints and pigments; intermediates for dyes and chemicals; pharmaceutical wastes; Dairy and milk processing units. It is an in house development, is in response to the current market need.

By processing with RUB FLOCK 200, we can convert industrial effluent into process water.

Flocculation & Setteling

  • RUB FLOCK 200 can be used along with alum; or Ferrous sulphate; or zirconius salts. 300 to 500 ppm. of inorganic coagulants like alum etc; need from 50 to 200 ppm of RUB FLOCK 200, for complete removal of most of the industrial wastes from waste waters and reduce the sludge volume.
  • The charge carried by the polymer is responsible for the abstraction of dissolved coloring matter from the colored waste water in the colloidal form. It removed from the clarifier in the form of a thick sludge by the sedimentation. In case of enlargement of flocs that are formed is required; it is suggested to use around 1 to 5 ppm of anionic polymer "RUB FLOCK 100" series of polyelectrolyte at the last of flocculation.

Schematic Of Waste Water Treatement For Dyestuff Manucacturess & Textile Mills

Schematic Of Waste Water Treatement

RUB FLOCK 200 is effective cationic high charge density polyamine effective at wide pH range.

Physical Properties

AppearanceYellow, liquid
Ionic NatureCationic
SolubilityCompletely Soluble in water
pH4 ± 1
FlashNon flammable
Active matter35%
Specific gravity1.12 - 1.153
Shelf Life12 Months
Effective pHOver wide range

Handing of RUB FLOCK 200 requires no special precaution and treatment with usual caution reserved for chemicals in general recommended. Spillages OR slippery are to be flashed with water.


  • Ease of application because it is a liquid.
  • It can be applied alone or in conjunction with other polymers and metal sulphates.
  • Non corrosive of recommended dosage, economical and effective at low levels.
  • Can eliminate the use of alum and other ferric salts when used as primary coagulants.

Application Area

Pulp & PaperDewatering, effluent decolourizing
TextileSedimentation of wool washing/ colour removal from industrial effluent
DyesDecolourizing effluent
Oil RefineriesOil recovery of oil refineries waste water
Water treatmentLow turbidity water clarification
Waste WaterActivated sludge dewatering
LeatherPurification of its effluents
OtherGeneral purpose coagulants and clarifying agent.

Storage Life & Safety

  • RUB FLOCK 200 is a stable polymer. However storage in ambient conditions is recommended opened containers are to be closed tight to prevent the loss of moisture present in it which may otherwise lead to increase in viscosity of the product.
  • Store in cool and dark place.

Polymer Feed System

  • Preparation of solution - Stock solution of RUB FLOCK 200 may conveniently be prepared at a concentration of 0.1% and ideally diluted to 1% while dosing. It is freely soluble in water and mild agitations enough for a uniform solution in a short time.
  • Feeding of the solution - A positive displacement pump is recommended for feeding Rub Flock 200 solution into the water stream at a point where maximum turbulence is available so that through mixing and good contact with dispersed particles are ensured
  • Dosage - By lab. Trail we can decide the dose


  • RUB FLOCK 200 is supplied in 50/200 kgs. Polydrums.

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