Poly Aluminium Chloride Pac

Water Treatment Chemicals

Poly Aluminum Chloride (RIP-PAC)

Paper Sizing Chemical

Chemical Formula: (Aln(OH) mCl3n-m)X

Cas : 1327-41-9

PAC is an inorganic chemical having polymeric structure soluble in water.

Why to use RIP-PAC rather than the alum in paper sizing?

  • Less quantities usage due to higher charge given to PAC.
  • COBB adjustment is very easy.
  • Easy to handle due to liquid.
  • Power and men power saving in production.
  • No sludge formation and its carried.
  • Safer to health.
  • Generate effluents is better.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Alum is made from ore which can contains any type of hazardous metals whereas RIP-PAC is safer.

Specification Of Ri-pac Liquid

Al2O3 %(w/w)8.50-9.012.5 +/- 0.515.0 +/- 0.518.0 +/- 0.5
Bulk Density1.22 +/- 0.051.24 +/- 0.051.27 +/- 0.051.30 +/- 0.05
PH of aqueous Soln(w/v)3.0-5.0 (5%)3.0-5.0 (5%)3.0-5.0 (5%)3.0-5.0 (5%)
Chloride %(w/w)17.5 +/- 1.015.0 +/- 3.020.5 +/- 2.020.5 +/- 2.0
Sulfate % Max (w/w)
Heavy metals (lead & mercury)----

Camparison Of Pac and Aluminum Sulphate (Alum)

1.ConsumptionLow QuantitiesHigh quantities
3.Reduction in PHModerateHigh
4.Acid fractionModerateHigh
5.Salinity of systemLowHigh
6.COD,BOD ReductionHighLow
7.Gypsum formationNilSludge formation
8.CO2 developmentNilYes
9.OdorNo AnnoyanceNo Annoyance
10.Sludge formation of SO4NilHigh


To boost drainage rates especially in neutral and alkaline papermaking, to help with certain retention aid strategies, and for neutral sizing with certain rosin-based emulsion products. PAC products of low (9 to 10%) and medium (12 to 18%) are commonly used in papermaking applications.

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