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RUB FLOCK 500 - Fuel Treatment Chemicals | Soot & Fire Scale Removers

RUB FLOCK 500, soot and fire scale remover is dry powder compound formulated for safe On LOAD removal and prevention of soot and fire scale which deposits on boiler fire zone.

The use of RUB FLOCK 500 not only provides, greeter fuel efficiency but also prevents acid formation in areas where severe corrosion, could result in expensive damage i.e Heat exchangers, super heaters, economizers, exhaust paths and stacks.

The deposit of fire scale on heat transfer causes tremendous loss if efficiency can be directly related to extra fuel consumption.

RUB FLOCK 500 soot remover allow you to gate higher efficiency because. This chemical removes completely scale from your system and also prevent against acid formation, and does not allow seviour corrosion.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces clinker formation
  • Reduces fouling & reduces un burn carbon
  • Minimize exhaust gas particular matter
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Aids soot blowing
  • Improves combustion

Dose Rates

Fuel / Tons per DayDose per Day Kg.

The powder should be spread directly onto the hot coals to aid evaporation; the dampers should be closed for 10 minutes to reduce air supply (If possible)

Note: The frequency of RUB FLOCK 500 soot and fire scale remover addition will depend on the nature of fuel and severity of the problem. Varying from daily for severe deposition, to weekly as maintainer dosage. Your MB representative can advice on the most effective programme.

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